You awake to another dark and smelly day. Life in the sewers of Ironspike is never clean, always dangerous, and seldom fun. Living as a resistance fighter trying to rally the people to throw out the Orcish invaders is much harder than you thought when you started. You can still remember when the city was taken by stealth on the night of the King’s Ascension to the throne. That was the shortest reign in the history of Irondelve’s history. It might have lasted all of 45 minutes. Since then you have been hiding out and avoiding orc patrols. Why did the orc’s attack? What did they hope to gain? Is there any chance of throwing them out? Its up to you and what few rebels you gain get to follow you to answer these questions.

Looking for 3-5 Players in P’cola for a face-to-face game. D&D 3.5 standard races, and classes, unless you have a specific idea for a character. When we have at least 3 people we will start the game. Level 10 Characters to start, all magic items must be approved by me. This will hopefully be a long term game, at least I will keep DMing as long as there is intrest. After the first game or so, it will be more player driven than DM driven, so backstories will be very helpfull. I would like this to be a once a week or twice a month game, depending on everyone’s schedule. Would very much appreciate role-players and those not entirely driven by hack and slash, although there will be a good amount in the game. There will be some homebrew rules and skill sets, so before character creation or if your just intrested give me a quick shout and I’ll go over it with you. Any questions or comments feel free to contact me at

Humanity Reborn