City of Ironspike

The once capital of the Kingdom of Asparia, Ironspike is currently overrun with orcs and their allies. Taken in the dead of night with help from some unknown allies inside the city, Ironspike founders on in a state of confusion. The populace has been divided into three camps. Prisoners, slaves, and serfs in one camp. The collaboraters and people just trying to make the best of their lives are in another camp. And in the third camp are the resistors, the ones who resist the orc invasion from within.

Much of the city is remarkable intact. Only the section around the palace suffered any real damage, and as this area was mostly nobles houses, the orcs do not face any major rebuilding effort. The likehood of an friendly army actually taking Ironspike from the orcs is slim, especially if the populace won’t rally to the cause.

The sewer system of Ironspike is actually a city in and of itself. Ironspike was built directly on top of the site of another ancient city, which in turn was built on top of another city. The sewer therefore is comprised of different levels of these ancient cities and actual tunnels. There are numerous hidding places and the orcs that have ventured into the system, typically do not return. Although the rebellion is small at this time, they do have a fairly secure area to operate from.

Population 38,529 Humans (Slaves, Prisoners, Collaberators, and other nasty people) 8,091 Elves (Slaves, Prisoners) 3,553 Half-Elves (Slaves, Prisoners, Menial Servants) 5,479 Halflings (Living in Sewers and other places) 3,412 Other Races (Mixed bag, some free, others prisoners, slaves etc…) 8,543 Humans (Resistance fighters, Merchants, Servants) 8,091 Elves (In Hiding, Resistance) 300 Half-Elves (Resistance) 276 Orcs 5,376 Ogres 951 Trolls 260 Other Races 2,687

Not all of these business are still open, or if they are open capable of supplying much material or supplies.

Inns: 26 Taverns: 96 Blacksmiths: 64 Healers: 24 Weaponsmiths: 19 Armorers: 19 Bowyers: 24 Magic Shops: 11 Booksellers: 6 Merchants: 26 Leatherworkers: 64 Tailors: 110 Jewelers: 19 Cobblers 119 Fishmongers: 32 Farriers: 77 Carpenters: 77 Masons: 55

City of Ironspike

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